Three Great Weight Loss Tips for the Holiday Season

It’s that time again, the end of year pig out. Question is, can you fend off the food to ensure you don’t pile on the pounds? There is a ray of hope though; studies have found that most people overestimate how much weight they’ve put on over the holiday season, with less than 10% of people putting on 5 pounds or more.

Unfortunately for a lot of people any weight put on over the holiday season is never lost and gradually over time more and more weight is put on until BOOM! – Obesity. We’ve put together a bunch of reasonable weight loss tips that should help you keep off the pounds this Christmas.

1) Keep yourself active.

Over the holidays people tend to slow down, it’s a good idea to keep to your usual routine. I realise it can be difficult to stick to any usual weight loss & exercise routine during November / December as it can be an erratic time of year. You should try to ensure you are not sacrificing gym visits and other exercise classes. Fortunately, additional holiday activities such as decorating & shopping can help but it’s usually no substitute for the gym.

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2) Don’t get too hungry.

So you go to a Christmas party and you’re overloaded with snacks galore. If you’re not eating properly during the day you’re going to end up stuffing yourself. Make sure you’re starting each day with a solid, protein based breakfast. This will help keep you full and away from too much holiday snacking. If you have to snack try snacking on veggies instead of high fat pastries.

I’m not saying don’t enjoy yourself but if you want to keep that holiday weight off it’s a good idea to keep your hunger under control with low fat, low sugar foods. I realise that sometimes it can be difficult when all that’s on offer are crisps, sausage rolls and cakes but if you want to keep that weight off, you know what you need to do.

3) Keep away from the food.

Another weight loss tip is to just stay away from all the holiday junk food, all those treats and appetisers piled high on the buffet table. Holiday junk food is everywhere and it might be easier to stay away from it all together. This is of course much easier said than done. The smell of those pastries floating through the party air, tugging at your senses can feel torturous, but if you can’t trust yourself once you start snacking this may well be the best option for you.

You certainly don’t want to end up in the nightmare of overindulgence. Alternatively you could try the concerted effort to control your intake. Try eating what you like but in much smaller portions than you’d like. Then you can have a little more of what you like 20 to 30 minutes later, all guilt free.


Gaining weight is a big concern for a lot of people, not just through the holiday season but all year round. These three weight loss tips will hopefully help you enjoy your holidays without the spectre of obesity looming in the coming New Year. Happy Holidays!