Five Simple, Useful Health & Weight Loss Tips

During the course of the year most our good intentioned weight loss resolutions will have drifted away into the darkness of past hope never to be seen or heard from ever again. At least that’s true for a lot of people, people who buy the very nature of being a person start something and never finish it off. It’s not a crime and it happens all the time, other things take our time or we are not motivated enough to get it done.

So, that’s the negativity out of the way, I’m just trying to help I promise. The truth is, statistically the scales are not in your favour (pardon the pun). Many diets are simply put together to be temporary when what you really need is a long term weight loss plan that you can stick to for years to come.


These weight loss tips and diets only work when you are ‘on a diet’ which of course implies that one day you will be off it. That’s when old habits kick in and we go back to eating much of the same food we ate before the ‘diet’….and so the cycle continues!

Dictionary reference for diet.

di·et 1 [dahy-it], verb, di·et·ed, di·et·ing, adjective noun

  • food and drink considered in terms of its qualities, composition, and its effects on health: Milk is a wholesome article of diet.
  • a particular selection of food, especially as designed or prescribed to improve a person’s physical condition or to prevent or treat a disease: a diet low in sugar.
  • such a selection or a limitation on the amount a person eats for reducing weight: No pie for me, I’m on a diet.
  • the foods eaten, as by a particular person or group: The native diet consists of fish and fruit.
  • food or feed habitually eaten or provided: The rabbits were fed a diet of carrots and lettuce.
  • anything that is habitually provided or partaken of: Television has given us a steady diet of game shows and soap operas. –

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As you can see, ‘diet’ actually means something that is consistent or habitual not something you do for a short time and then change. So clearly whatever you eat habitually will in part determine what your weight and health will be. With that in mind it’s even clearer that you should just ditch the short term ‘diet’ cycle if you are looking to stay consistently healthy and of a regular weight and put more emphasis on being healthy.

Here are our five health and weight loss tips:

  1. Eat real food – You need to eat proper, whole foods that aren’t processed or prepared for you. All the simple stuff such as fruit & vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds & whole grains.
  2. Eat less animals – It’s a good idea to cut right back on cheap animal products. Less really is more and you should focus more on high quality or organic meats. Cutting back on meat will improve your health and the environment.
  3. Drink more water – People just don’t drink enough water with 2 litres a day being recommended. Get yourself a refillable water bottle and drink from it all day.
  4. Exercise regularly – Get that body moving! No excuses…up the stairs, in the park, round the track, in the gym. You need to move about!
  5. Get regular sleep – Regular, natural sleep will help your body keep healthy. There has been research that shows loss of sleep can result in weight gain too.

Health foods, healthy mind, healthy body, healthy you!

Breaking yourself away from the fat, sugary diet sold to us every day as the height of luxury is not easy. However, as you continually eat healthy, natural foods your body will start to crave them the same way it craves a burger or ice-cream.

Don’t try and change the whole situation in one go, that’s where most people really falter. You set the bar too high for yourself where it’s all too easy to fail so take it one step at a time, a little here and there. Gradual changes towards your new weight and lifestyle goals will make it easier and before you know it you’ll be running to work with your organic chicken salad in your backpack after a perfect night’s sleep.