Is Organic Food Better for Weight Loss?

There are numerous arguments over whether organic produce is better than forced grown produce and more specifically whether is is better for weight loss. Organic food is produced under strict standards designed to limit chemical and pesticide enhancement. It is indeed what our forefathers would have been used to.

grow your own food

Image Credit: Imperial War Museum

For example, during World War II people were growing their own vegetables and it is generally accepted that our level of health was better then, than nowadays. Surprising isn’t it? Considering food was rationed, but that brought about more people growing their own.

In the 1980s the Government findings from allergy tests carried out found that many patients were sensitive to certain foods and suffered from pesticide, herbicide and fungicide exposure and the resulting metabolic effects.

So is there any weight loss benefit from following an organic diet? It has been found that non organic crops are usually treated with pesticides (organophosphates containing neurotoxins) which can cause damage to the human body.

There are other studies that conclude that no benefit is gained by organic produce over non-organic. Yet the Prince of Wales cannot see why people do not generally see why organic is not only better for our health, but better for the environment also.