Weight Loss Surgery Makes Food Less Desirable for Patients

Amazing new scientific discovery shows that after weight loss surgery you become less attracted to food.

American scientists have recently discovered a correlation between bariatric weight loss surgery and the patients’ interest in food. The scientists looked at brain scans from 16 patients who underwent weight loss surgery and 15 others who lost weight through dieting.

The group who underwent surgery to have gastric bands fitted were shown to have less interest in food. The study also found that weight loss surgery per se contributed to the patient’s brain being ‘re-wired’ to find food less desirable.

MRI examinations found that the brain was reacting to images of appetising food such as pizza, differently depending on which method of weight loss had been used. The ground-breaking study was conducted at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

The study concluded that food means a lot more to people who lose weight via conventional means as opposed to those who undergo weight loss surgery.

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Amanda Bruce, psychologist at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and the University of Kansas School of Medicine had this to say:

‘They’re not as interested in eating,’ ‘They’re not as motivated by food.’

She also went on to say:

‘A huge strength of this paper is that the people in the two different groups were a match on the weight that they had lost,’