Recommended Natural Foods That Can Help With Weight Loss

Ok, so you’re looking to lose a bit of weight and become fitter and healthier. Successful weight loss means you’ll have to prioritise a few things along the way. You will of course need to start exercising and make a routine commitment to doing so. You’ll also need to change your diet into something that resembles a healthy, considered approach to eating the kinds of foods that will aid your quest to the fitter, healthier you.

Food is an important part of any weight loss regime, you’ll need to be much more vigilant in the way you monitor what you buy and what you eat, so NO MORE JUNK! Eventually you’ll become familiar with the kinds of foods you need and healthy alternatives to the ones you desire.

Some Basic Food Groups that Help with Weight Loss.

Red Apple - Image Credit: Apple and Pear Australia Ltd

Red Apple – Image Credit: Apple and Pear Australia Ltd

Apples & Berries.

Apples & various berries contain pectin which can help with detoxing your body. They can also help to boost your metabolism which will make your body more efficient at fat burning. Pectin can force your body’s cells to get rid of fat deposits and help restrict the amount of fat they absorb.

  • apples (all kinds)
  • blackberries
  • blueberries
  • black & red currants
  • raspberries
  • strawberries


Calcium rich foods aid the process of weight loss by helping speed up how the body breaks down fat content in your cells.

  • broccoli
  • cabbage
  • milk
  • cheese
  • yoghurt


High protein foods easily burn up the most calories, with protein being widely known as a weight loss power food. Foods that are naturally high in protein are:

  • eggs
  • lean meat
  • fish (tuna , salmon & sardines)
  • low fat unsalted nuts


When choosing vegetables to aid with weight loss you need to think green or fibrous veg. This is because these vegetables contain much less calories and are full of all those with essential vitamins and minerals your body needs to keep healthy. Try to stay away from potatoes or yams as these contain much more calories. Those below are all fantastic for your body but low in calories.

  • broccoli
  • spinach
  • sprouts
  • green beans
  • peas
  • cauliflower
  • cabbage
  • carrots

Oils that Help with Weight Loss.

Olive Oil.

Contrary to popular belief, the right kinds of fats when consumed correctly can actually help you lose weight. Olive oil is a natural source of ‘good quality’ fat and should be used as an alternative to any other fats as often as possible.

Coconut Oil.

Coconut oil contains a unique kind of saturated fat that can be great for weight loss because it helps increase your metabolism. It’s actually also a great alternative to olive oil with much less of an expected aftertaste than one might think. Coconut oil is extremely versatile and should really be given more credit in the kitchen.

Nuts that Help with Weight Loss.


Almonds are filled with nutrients and contain fibre, protein and healthy monounsaturated fats. A 2003 study of almonds that was published in the International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders found that overweight & obese adults had increased weight loss when their diet was enriched by almonds.


Walnuts are packed with omega-3 fatty acids & protein that helps aid weight loss. The omega-3 fatty acids contained in walnuts can help lower high cholesterol which in turn promotes a healthier heart.


Cashews are also filled with plenty of healthy fats, fiber and protein that can aid weight loss. Cashew nuts also contain the minerals magnesium, phosphorus and zinc.