Important Considerations for Buying Weight Loss Supplements on the Internet

Anybody buying weight loss supplements on the internet may have cause for concern. Firstly, there is a good chance you may not even receive them! You could be dealing with shady characters in a foreign country or the package could be seized by Customs at the point of entry into the UK. Either way, you have lost your money.

Let’s say you actually receive them, now your worry is – what’s in them? Weight loss supplements sent from foreign countries are more often produced under non-hygienic conditions and have no license or product code. They are not subjected to the stringent tests and standards required in the UK.

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Finally, you now have them in your possession, are you really going to take them, bearing in mind all the aforementioned? Furthermore, you have had no medical consultation, no prescription and no dispensing procedure – you have decided to take them because you feel it’s the easy way.

Dangers of weight loss supplements.

Well you only need to read the aforementioned to be aware of the dangers of self-assessment and trusting to the quality of the product.

Without doubt, the most important factor is to undergo professional medical assessment by way of a consultation before entering upon any course of drug therapy.


Never try to make you own decisions about taking Weight Loss Supplements bought on the internet, see a qualified doctor and be safe. A consultation will reveal any effects a particular drug may have upon you. This is very important, not only in the short term, but could have long term adverse effects, not seen in the short term.