New Weight Loss Pills Qsymia Wins Approval

Recently a new weight-loss pill by the name of Qsymia has gotten the approval of the American Food and Drug Administration. Many doctors consider Qsymia the most effective in a new generation of of obesity drugs. Qsymia has been approved for people who are overweight or considered obese and have an overweight related condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

There is hope that this new drug will succeed where others have in the past failed and has highlighted the intense difficulty for drug companies to produce successful and safe drugs in the weight loss category. Qsymia is produced by Vivus Inc who are to have said that it will release the drug in the 4th quarter with the price set to be announced soon after.

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Impressive Weight Loss Pills Clinical Trials.

The drug was tested very successfully with patients experiencing more weight loss than the other 2 weight loss pills that were tested. In one study those patients taking Qsymia lost 6.7% of their body weight whilst in another trial patients lost 8.9% of their body weight. The best result was a patient losing 11% of their body weight whilst taking the strongest dose.

Qsymia has had quite impressive trials despite it not being a completely new scientific breakthrough. Qsymia is a combination of Phentermine and Tapirimate, 2 drugs which are already on the market. Topiramate is sold by Johnson & Johnson as Topamax and is used as an anticonvulsant whereas Phentermine is an appetite surpressant and has been used for short term weight loss.

The American Food and Drug Administration’s approval of Qsymia weight loss pills has been interpreted as a new willingness to make available new weight loss drugs. Qsymia was initially rejected in 2010 because of concerns over birth defects when taken during pregnancy however this time around it has introduced a risk management plan to minimise any risks during pregnancy.

With a relatively small launch planned, execs will be focussing on weight loss specialists and not general doctors. The release date for the UK is unknown.